Snack on the mosel

Tender for leasing an area of ​​the municipality of Lieser to operate a food stand

The tourist offer of the municipality of Lieser is to be expanded by a gastronomic offer – food stand.
For this purpose, the municipality is tendering an area of ​​approx. 50 square meters in the area of ​​the underpass of the flood dike.

Key lease data:

  • The term of the lease is initially 1 year with the option to extend it by two more 2 years.
  • The core management period is generally from April to October with daily opening times from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • In the case of the food stand, the goods offered must not be in competition with the offers of the local catering establishments.

The toilet facilities, sewage and waste disposal are to be regulated by the tenant himself in accordance with the statutory provisions.

The basis for the decision of the Lieser municipal administration are the following criteria:

  • Concept presentation including the visual design of the stand
  • Rent
  • Product range
  • References / experience

Further information is available from:

Local Mayor Mr. Jochen Kiesgen, Tel. 0151 – 569 77 408


Interested parties are asked to send their concept presentation by April 15, 2021 to:

Municipal administration Lieser

Jochen Kiesgen

Schubertstrasse 5

54470 Lieser


Public bookcase on the market square

The local community of Lieser has since March 15th. about the possibility of exchanging books and borrowing them. Thanks to the central cupboard in the old calibration office on the market square, residents and tourists now have the opportunity to borrow books and games.

Exchange can also be used, as the idea of ​​the flow of different subject areas lives on. In the wide range there should be something for every “bookworm” and every “playful child”.

The local community would like to thank Mr. Winfried Griebler for the great idea as well as the implementation and support of the project. Many thanks also go to Ms. Ulrike Erbes for designing the sign.

Tender flea and antique market

The local community of Lieser grants permission to hold a flea and antique market. A demand-oriented area on the banks of the Moselle is made available for this purpose. The term of the approval extends to the current calendar year with the option of an extension at the same conditions and prices for a further year (2022).

The days of the event are limited to Friday, Saturday and / or Sunday. Up to three events per year between 01.03. and 31.10. occur. The exact dates are to be agreed with the municipality of Lieser. The construction on the site may take place from 6:00 a.m. on market day, the dismantling must be done by 7:30 p.m.

The licensee undertakes to ensure a balanced supply of permitted goods and to avoid an oversupply of individual goods. The offering of new goods is not permitted.

We ask that you send your application by April 8th, 2021 at the latest. Include an implementation concept, your references and a bid for the rent. The basis for the decision to award the contract will be the aforementioned points in equal parts. Please also submit a business registration or a valid travel business card to prove your suitability.

Information is provided by: Municipal administration Lieser – Mayor –

Email: Tel .: 0151 – 569 77 408

Applications must be submitted in writing (municipal administration, Schubertstr. 5, 54470 Lieser) or in electronic form with all attachments.

Fruit tree sponsorships wanted!

Would you like to harvest your own unsprayed, healthy regional fruit for yourself, children or grandchildren, for delicious juice, Viez, cooking, baking and to bite into and enjoy? Would you like to help preserve the “orchards” cultural asset? Then feel free to contact us!
The local community of Lieser gives fruit tree sponsorships to interested citizens of Lieser. The approximately 60 fruit trees (mostly apples, some pears) are located along the “extended elevated road” on the edge of the tarred path in the corridor (from the height of the glass container towards Siebenborn).

We offer:

  • Free sponsorship for one calendar year each, renewable annually
  • the godfather may use all of the fruit from the godfather tree (s) himself

We expect:

  • Carrying out the maintenance cut (expert support or guidance possible); Note: Maintenance pruning has currently already been carried out on most trees
  • Keeping the tree area clean
  • Harvesting the fruit

Applications (please specify the number of trees you want) will be accepted immediately by email to

Glass, clothes and organic waste

Dear fellow citizens,
in the past weeks and months it has happened repeatedly that deposits were left on and around the overcrowded containers in the extended elevated road. Such behavior is unacceptable and certainly does not represent a nice picture for our residential and holiday resort.
Please inform the municipal office or the municipal administration immediately if containers are full. These are usually emptied within a very short time. In such cases, please take your old clothes, bottles, glass, etc. back home with you and do not simply leave them on site.
Thank you for your understanding and your help!

Your local government

Fiber optic – fast internet

In the past few days, many fellow citizens have received information and offers to set up a fiber optic connection for “fast Internet”. These offers are made by a company that opened up individual areas of the local community with fiber optics a few years ago. The current offer now concerns the creation of a house connection. The existing copper lines from the nodes already equipped with fiber optics to the respective residential building are exchanged for fiber optic cables or new distribution units are produced. This then offers the possibility of contractually receiving “faster Internet” with different bandwidths. For this purpose – to put it less technically – construction measures are necessary in the form that in certain distance sections from the node or distributor to the house connection and on the property itself, “holes” are dug and the fiber optic lines are laid underground and then connected. The creation of this house connection is offered by this company free of charge, initially for a limited period, if the corresponding commissioning is given and a contract is concluded.

This and another company can basically also imagine supplying all houses or residential units in the local community with fiber optic connections free of charge. It would not initially be necessary to conclude a contract with individual customers. The Telecommunications Act expressly allows free, private competition in such matters. The municipality therefore has no influence on the fact that only one or one or more specific companies may submit offers and establish connections.

The municipal administration is still in talks with both providers, with the aim of concluding a cooperation agreement, if necessary, and to achieve a holistic supply of the local community and thus an orderly process. Both providers have announced that the network will be operational by the end of the current year.

The establishment of such a house connection can be commissioned independently by the citizens at any time, regardless of such a cooperation agreement.

The municipal administration will keep you informed about the status quo and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Fiber optic connections – update

As has already been informed, two companies are currently fundamentally interested in supplying the local community with fiber optic connections for a faster and more stable data network.

The Telecommunications Act allows any interested company to take this measure. This process can only be influenced to a limited extent by the municipal administration. In view of the situation and weighing the different interests, a cooperation with a selected provider cannot be entered into.

One of the companies has already offered specific contracts by post and telephone that include the free house connection. This offer is initially valid at least until the end of February. The second company has not yet started advertising and acquisition activities. A free house connection is also promised by this. A specific timeline is not yet known.

In the short term, no binding statement can be made by the municipal administration on the further course of action of the providers. It is therefore recommended that homeowners take their own responsibility for making a decision about concluding a contract.

Events, parties and more

Dear citizens, dear guests,

due to the current restrictions caused by the corona pandemic, no events can currently be planned or scheduled. For this reason, we are currently unable to make a statement as to whether this year’s wine & street festival “Around the market square in Lieser” can take place from September 10th to 12th.
As soon as the situation allows it again, we will inform you here about the planning status and the range of events as a whole.
In any case, we look forward to welcoming you back to Lieser soon and celebrating with you.

Until then – stay healthy!