Fiber optic connections / FTTH expansion in the local community of Lieser

Dear citizens,

as we all know, the speed and quality of the internet connection has become a very important living and location factor. The work and school world, as the effects of the corona pandemic show, are subject to digital change and need, among other things. strong internet connections for working and learning from home. Therefore, every building in Lieser should have a fiber optic connection that enables a transmission rate of up to 1 gigabit / s. The company Deutsche Glasfaser has already started the marketing phase in our local community.

What’s next?

The fiber optic connection does not come automatically for you.
In order to be able to use the services of the pure fiber optic connection, you have to take action yourself.
Your house will not always be connected to the fiber optic network, but only when you do apply to Deutsche Glasfaser.

Use the advantages now!

The following also applies: If you conclude a contract for an Internet and telephone connection before the start of the construction phase in your area, you can still benefit from a free house connection. If you apply for the fiber optic connection after this period, you will bear costs of € 750 or more yourself.

It is also special that the expansion is not linked to a required minimum quota.

This means: If you submit an application, your connection will be built, regardless of how high the acceptance rate in your expansion area is.

There is no alternative to fiber optics

When making your decision, you should consider that there is no alternative to fiber optic connections in the medium term. It will become just as natural as an electricity or water connection. With a fiber optic connection you make your property more attractive and maintain its value. The better our region is supplied with fiber optics, the more attractive our community is. That is why we have done everything we can to make this possible. As a congregation of our size, we couldn’t cover the costs alone. We are very pleased that this is now being implemented and that Deutsche Glasfaser is carrying out the private-sector expansion.

You can complete the free connection at

Further information on the construction of the fiber optic network is available online at or by phone on 02861 890 60 900.

With best regards

Your local mayor
Jochen Kiesgen

German fiber optics brings gigabit speeds to Lieser

A few years ago, inexio took a first step towards upgrading the telecommunications infrastructure. The current situation with home office and homeschooling has also shown that in the future there will be no way around pure fiber optic connections.

Inexio and Deutsche Glasfaser have been forming a joint group of companies since summer 2020. The declared goal of the two telecommunications professionals: To further accelerate the gigabit expansion in Germany through self-economic expansion, enable people to switch to gigabit connections.

This now also applies to Lieser. Deutsche Glasfaser is currently planning to lay the fiber-optic cables right into the buildings. This means that customers have bandwidths of 1 Gbit / s at their disposal. Traffic jams on the information superhighway will definitely be a thing of the past.

Preparations for the expansion are currently underway. It will start soon. In good time before the start, Deutsche Glasfaser will contact the homeowners and explain the exact procedure.

Press release: Deutsche Glasfaser

The local community of Lieser has a new website:

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Technology, concept and design were developed and implemented by the web designer and photographer Ulrich Müller from Wittlich in close coordination and cooperation with a project team from the local community (Nina Mehn, Uwe Kalles, Markus Knop). The project team designed and updated the menu navigation, texts and content. As a result, not only could the costs for the community be significantly reduced, but the advantage for the future is that additions and changes to the homepage can be made permanently and promptly and content can be entered independently. The project team and the municipal administration have been trained as editors and will take on this task.

“We think – the result is definitely impressive!” Great picture impressions of our wonderful wine and cultural landscape as well as of the wine and holiday resort of Lieser, a wide range of information on overnight accommodation, offers “around the topic of wine”, activities, events, history and culture, a clear map with all the details worth knowing and seeing, many pages and content also in English and much more.

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The pages will serve as a good orientation for new fellow citizens and help them to find their way around quickly. Here, all citizens receive answers to questions of daily life, the infrastructure and thus certainly also many arguments why our hometown Lieser is so worth living in!

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