In the last few weeks, unfortunately, it had to be found more and more that the playground at the elementary school was being misused as a “dog toilet”. Since this brings not only hygienic but also health problems with it, the municipal administration asks you to refrain from doing this! Dispensers with bags that can be used free of charge are set up throughout the local area.

Furthermore, the space at the recycling containers continues to be used as a place of unloading for all kinds of waste, despite the relevant information. For this reason, the administration decided to monitor the area via video. From the date of the surveillance, a corresponding notice will be attached to the location.

St. Martin´s procession

We invite all citizens and children to our traditional St. Martin’s procession on Friday, 12.11.2021.
The meeting point is at 6:00 pm at the Lieser fire station.
The St. Martin’s procession will lead us accompanied by St. Martin, the music club and the fire brigade through Paulsstraße then behind the so called Brückengraben to the fire for the pretzel distribution.
Due to the pandemic situation, there will be no drink at the fire station by the St. Peter’s KiTa support association. We kindly ask for your understanding.
We wish you all a contemplative and beautiful St. Martin’s procession.
The municipality of Lieser and the Catholic KiTa St. Petrus