Wine Chase

Beginn am: Mon. 28 Mar 2022 - Ende: Sun. 16 Oct 2022

An exciting scavenger hunt with insight, “wine view” and outlook.
Let’s GO Mosel offers a varied excursion experience. The tours are self-guided. Little riddles accompany you from treasure chest to treasure chest.
Your way. Your pace. Your wine hike.
You explore the landscape on your own, taste the wine in nature, and learn interesting facts about viticulture and the region on top.
You will be welcomed with a Secco at the winery. There are 3 stops during the tour. In each treasure chest you will find a wine, mineral water, nibbles and the riddle to find out the code for the next box.
The walk is suitable for 2 people or more, we recommend 4-6 people.
The routes:
Blue route: 3,5 km, duration approx. 2 hrs, price p.p. 29,-€.
Red route: 6 km, duration 3-4 hours, price p.p. 29,-€
Black Route: 7.5 km, optionally extendable to 8.5 km; day hike, price p.p. 39,-€ p.p.

The trails lead you into the vineyards. Start and end point is the winery.
Services: Welcome sparkling wine, wine glass, 3 wines, 1 fl. mineral water per station, something to nibble on, glass holder, hiking info.
Reservation required. Booking requests to: