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City map

Here you can find all important places, facilities and selected sights in Lieser for better orientation. As a service, in addition to the visual map, we offer all the important points of the place also with additional text information. 

  • Public parking

    along the Moselstraße

  • Schild Tourist-Information

    Tourist information, citizens' office, e-bike charging station

    Am Markt 38

  • Symbol Bushaltestelle

    Bus stop

    Moselstraße, Middle of Town

  • Symbol Arztpraxis

    Doctor's office

    Gemeinschaftspraxis Dr. Faude, Dr. Keller, Dr. Leimbrock, Beethovenstraße 3a

  • Symbol Schiffsanleger

    Shipping pier

    On the banks of the Moselle, Moselstraße, village center

  • Symbol Schönste Weinsicht Heldensicht


    Most beautiful wine view of the Moselle 2020

  • Symbol Marktplatz

    Marktplatz (Marketplace)

    "Am Markt", with bookcase and defibrillator

  • Symbol Bäckerei mit Postfiliale

    Bakery with post office

    Bäckerei Mertes, Am Markt 40

  • Symbol Fleischerei

    Butcher shop

    Fleischerei Karl Heinz Sopp, Am Markt 37

  • Symbol Hambuchhütte

    Hambuchhütte (Grillhütte)

    Barbecue hut of the municipality

  • Symbol Walderlebnispfad

    Walderlebnispfad Lieserer Plateau

    Forest adventure trail Lieserer Plateau

  • Logo Maare-Mosel-Radweg


    Maare-Moselle Cycle Route

  • Logo Moselradweg


    Moselle Cycle Route

  • Symbol Tennisplatz und Beachvolleyball

    Sportplatz mit Tennis- und Beachvolleyballplatz

    Sports field with tennis and beach volleyball court, via Richard-Wagner-Straße, follow signs

  • Zuweg zum Moselsteig

    Access road to the Moselsteig, Moselstraße, village center at bus stop

  • Symbol Kindergarten

    Kath. Kindergarten

    Catholic Play school, Paulsstraße 51

  • Symbol Grundschule

    Elementary school

    Elementary school , Beethovenstraße 5

  • Playground at the elementary school

    Beethovenstraße 5

  • Symbol Kirche

    Church St.Peter

    Bärlay 13

  • Symbol Schiessstand

    Shooting range

    Via Richard-Wagner-Straße, follow the signs

  • Paulushof - Mana Binz

    Paulsstraße 10-12

  • Gymnasium and sports hall, club center

    Hochstraße 54

  • Football field with children's playground

    Hochstraße 98

  • Fire department

    Weidenbornstraße 5

  • Lieser Castle

    Moselstraße 33

  • Alter Posthof (Old post office)

    Am Alten Posthof

  • Moselhöhenweg (Moselle Heights Trail)

    Goes across Lieser through two of the most beautiful vineyards

The map data was kindly provided by  Open-Street-Maps

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