Mana Binz

Mana Binz comes from Lieser and returned to her hometown in the early 90s. Here, in addition to her professional work as a management consultant, she also concentrated more intensively on her artistic work for the first time.
She took over her parents’ house and over the years acquired several adjacent buildings, which she transformed into the current ensemble “Paulushof” with great attention to detail and very great effort.
Mana Binz lives and works here and is constantly inspired by these wonderful surroundings. Her award-winning garden, which is located behind the buildings below the church and acts as an oasis of calm in our hectic world, also plays a very special role.

Mana Binz describes her art in her own words as follows:

Figurative Abstraction

The deeply human is given a voice again in the visual arts. To this end, my pictorial compositions overcome pure abstraction. They speak to people’s thinking, feeling and sensibility and lead to a complete perception, free of any judgement.
The language of art can overcome many barriers. Humans, regardless of where they come from, where they go and what education they bring with them, have a free spirit. In art, a person wants to recognise herself in her humanity.
Art touches the heart, senses and soul. The greatest gift that the arts can give is this opening up of the human being and the free contact with a universal energy. Then the boundaries between the genres of art are dissolved into a higher whole.

[Mana Binz]

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Farbenfrohe Glas Stele der Künstlerin Mana Binz
Mobiles farbenfrohes Fresko der Künstlerin Mana Binz auf Leinwand
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