Welcoming Address Wine Queen

Lieser has a new wine queen!
With Phoebe I. (Kiesgen) and her princesses Lena (Mehn) and Anna (Erbes), the new wine queens for the next two years were crowned during the wine farm festival “Lieser dreht auf”. In the beautiful ambience of the castle park, Mayor Kiesgen also welcomed many former wine queens who had accepted the municipality’s invitation on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of their coronation. First, the stage was once again set for the reigning Highnesses Anna I and her Princesses Victoria and Eva. Together with the numerous guest sovereigns of the neighbouring communities and the former wine queens, they entered the castle park on the carriage of “our chauffeur” Helmut Kalverkamp. After the welcome of the numerous spectators and guests by local mayor Jochen Kiesgen, Anna I reviewed her time in office.
Ute Zipp-König, the first wine queen of the local municipality from 1983 – 1984, looked back in her greeting to the beginnings of this office and referred to the special significance for winegrowing. The former German Wine Princess Nicole Kochan-Platz led through the coronation event on behalf of the festive community. She traditionally left it to the reigning Queen Anna to put the crown on her successor Phoebe I and formally appoint her as Queen for the next two years.
In her inaugural speech, the new queen looked forward to the task ahead and to working with her princesses Lena and Anna.
The municipal administration would like to thank all those involved who contributed to the success of the event. Special thanks go to the director of the Hotel Schloss Lieser, Mr. Pascal Renk, for making the castle park and the gallery in the entrance area available.
The local community wishes its new wine sovereigns much joy in their office and would like to thank Anna, Victoria and Eva once again for their great commitment over the last two years!

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