Welcoming Address Wine Queen


Welcoming address by our wine queen Eva-Maria I.

Dear friends of wine, dear guests,

My name is Eva-Maria and I am the currently reigning wine queen of Lieser. Together with my two princesses Michelle and Linda, I would like to welcome you to the homepage of our beautiful home village.

Have you already been to Lieser? No? Well, then it’s time!

You will be welcomed by the impressive castle Lieser and the Petruskirche (Lieser’s biggest church) which was built on a high rock. Your curiosity will be awakened by these two buildings, I promise. When you come to Lieser and meet the first people here – at the butcher shop, the bakery, the flower shop, the hairdresser, the doctor’s office or the tourist information office – you will learn about the first historical backgrounds of our village.

But Lieser has more to offer than the castle and the Petruskirche. Close to the bakery, you can find the Posthof of Thurn and Taxis which is about 500 years old and was – back in the 16th and 17th century – known as Lieser’s first post office. At the top of Lieser – in the middle of the vineyards and close to the forest – you can spot the Paulskirche, a former pilgrimage church.

In our hotels, restaurants, apartments, wineries, guest houses, etc. you will be warmly welcomed. Drinking a good glass of Lieser’s wine, you can enjoy our impressive Moselle valley and forget about your everyday life.

Lieser lies in the middle of the beautiful and well-known Middle Moselle Valley and is surrounded by its famous vineyard locations Niederberg-Helden, Schloßberg, Rosenlay and the Moselle of course. As a central starting point, Lieser is perfectly located for several trips. Starting from here, you can drive the Mosel-Maare-Radweg by bike, walk several hiking trails (Mosel-Camino, Lieserpfad, Moselsteig, Eifelpfad) or visit the nearby historical city of Bernkastel-Kues.

Especially the possibilities/offers for active tourists are always being improved and extended. By visiting our tourist information office, you will get much more information.

Come and enjoy Lieser with all of your senses. See it, hear it, feel it, smell it and – of course – taste it. As a soon-to-be wine maker I can say for sure: Our wines in Lieser are excellent! Come and see yourself! In our wineries and restaurants, you can try several different sorts of wine, but especially our famous Riesling of course. We are delighted to welcome you to our beloved home village.

Best regards

Your wine queen Eva-Maria I. and the wine princesses Michelle and Linda

wine queen Eva-Maria I. (middle), wine princesses Linda (left) and Michelle (right)

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