Welcoming Address Wine Queen Anna I.

Das Bild zeigt die neuen Weinhoheiten der Ortsgemeinde Lieser, die im September 2021 in ihr Amt eingeführt wurden.

Dear wine friends and guests,

i would like to warmly welcome you, also on behalf of my wine princesses Eva and Victoria, to the homepage of our beautiful hometown Lieser.

During our two-year term of office, we represent the wine town of Lieser, which is located in the heart of the Middle Moselle. But what are the characteristics of the wine-growing community?

The most famous building in town is Lieser Castle. It was built in the 19th century and, after numerous renovations and renovations, opened as a luxury hotel in the summer of 2019. Lieser is also distinguished by two Catholic churches. On the one hand there is the parish church of St. Petrus above the market square, the center of the village, on the other hand you can marvel at the Paulskirche in the side valley of the Moselle.

It should also be mentioned that the hero view in Lieser was chosen as the most beautiful wine view 2020 on the Moselle. From there you can enjoy a view of Lieser and the breathtaking Moselle valley.

Lieser offers many different ways to linger. You can reside in Lieser in numerous guest houses and holiday apartments. You can also visit the family restaurants, vinotheques and taverns. If you would like more detailed information on wine tastings, wine hikes or other events, you can either inquire at our tourist information or contact the various wine-growing companies or distilleries directly.

Maybe you will see each other in person when you visit Lieser.

We wish you warm greetings

Anna, Eva and Victoria

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