Lieser Castle

After years of extensive renovation work, the original Lieser Castle has been transformed into a beautiful hotel and has opened its doors to guests and visitors since August 2019.

A wonderful café terrace invites you to linger in a historic ambience with a view of the castle park and the Moselle.
The excellent gastronomy with top cuisine and an exquisite wine cellar also promise an unforgettable experience.
Lovingly furnished rooms with an eye for the extraordinary make it possible to literally stay like the emperor in Lieser.

Homepage of Lieser Castle Hotel

Historical background story:

Lieser Castle stands on the site of a court house of a church estate built in 1710. The building consists of two parts, an older part (the slightly larger one on the right) in neo-renaissance style and the younger part in art nouveau style. The architect of the older part of the building (1884 – 1887) is Heinrich Theodor Schmidt. The client of the older part of the building was the factory owner Eduard Puricelli (1826-1893). His daughter Maria married the high Prussian civil servant Dr. Clemens Freiherr von Schorlemer (1856-1922) in 1880. The ground floor of the property is remarkable in that it consists only of cellars and utility rooms in order to avoid the annual flooding of the Moselle as much as possible. A three-storey intermediate wing connects the older and newer parts.
Lieser Castle even had its own electricity plant, which Schorlemer had built in 1901.
Parts of the interior fittings from the time of construction, for example doors, stoves, open fireplaces and staircases, still exist and have been carefully integrated into the hotel.
In 1981, the municipality of Lieser bought the castle and its outbuildings from the Schorlemer family. From that time on, the complex was placed under a preservation order. The last resident of Lieser Castle was Marliese Rheinen (1898-1990), widowed Baroness von Schorlemer-Lieser.
After her death, the building stood empty for over 10 years and was only used once a year at Whitsun for the widely known and popular castle festival.

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