The Old Posthof

The picturesque old Posthof is an ensemble of buildings from different centuries. After years of extensive restoration work, it is now a true highlight of the Lieser.

In the 16th and 17th centuries, the wine-growing village of Lieser was home to a postal station on the Dutch postal route from Brussels to Innsbruck and Italy. Lieser owed its special importance to its favourable location on the imperial road from Mainz to Trier and the ferry across the Moselle. Thus, from 1615 at the latest, in the time of the Imperial Mail, Lieser was considered a border station and the terminus of the Brussels to Lieser section of the route. Until 1672, the Lieser postal station was the post office for the city of Trier, the Bishop of Trier, the Electorate and the County of Veldenz.

A large part of the post station from the 16th-18th centuries has been preserved in Lieser. Although the buildings in the “Old Post Office Yard” were converted into residential houses and farm buildings, they were not demolished. Thanks to public and private initiative, much of the remaining building fabric from the early 16th to 18th centuries could be reconstructed, so that today the Lieser post office station presents itself again as an intact ensemble, with the post house built around 1600 as the central building. The post office has been a listed building for several years.

Today, the lovingly and elaborately converted buildings serve as holiday flats.

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