Hiking in the Moselle region

The Moselle region is a great and varied hiking area – whether along the river, through vineyards, over the Moselle heights or through wild and romantic valleys, small hiking tours or long day tours – there is something for every taste. The quality hiking trail Moselsteig and side jumps of the Moselsteig are in the immediate vicinity.
The Lieserpfad – from the source to the mouth (here in Lieser) – landed in second place in the public vote of the hiking magazine `Germany’s most beautiful hiking trails`. Experience a great hiking paradise between the Maars and the Moselle.
Hikers can also look forward to a multitude of exciting themed and educational trails. Get to know the wonderful cultural landscape of the Moselle up close.

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Nordic Walking

Running routes are fun. Especially in the Lieser region, because there is really a lot to experience here. The running routes are 8 Nordic Walking tours, on which you can sometimes get to know unknown corners of the Lieser region. So that you don’t lose sight of the multitude of possibilities, we have selected some of the best running routes in the Lieser region.

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Bike tours

Refueling is good in Lieser! Also for e-bikes …

The holiday region of Bernkastel-Kues is a paradise for cyclists. Cycle comfortably through the picturesque Moselle valley with its many river bends, the vineyards and through romantic wine villages. The cycle path network along the Moselle is excellent and mostly flat.
The Maare-Moselle cycle path is particularly recommended. This takes you through a beautiful landscape between the Moselle and Eifel, past beautiful Maar lakes, over huge viaducts and through shady forests. Incidentally, the outward journey or the return journey can also be comfortably covered by the cyclist bus.
The sporty mountain bikers will also get their money’s worth with us. For them there is a network of paths with many hundred meters of altitude in a varied landscape.

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Forest adventure trail

Go on a journey of discovery through the Lieser forest adventure trail.
The path with a total of 20 stations – tree height game, scented garden, an old oak tells – is wonderfully signposted and therefore self-explanatory.
But if you can take the opportunity of a guided tour by Forester Hermann, you should do so too! He explains everything there is to know about the forest in an interesting and captivating way. From humid biotopes to the trees of the year to the game of tree keys – no bush goes unmentioned and no question remains unanswered.
How do you know how old a tree is (without cutting it down and counting the annual rings)? How far do the roots reach into the ground? Why does looking up in the forest encourage spatial thinking? With or without a guide: the Lieser forest adventure trail is an enrichment for everyone, but not only for families with children! Experience the forest with all your senses.

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Alpacas are the little relatives of the llamas and fascinate big and small people with their size, their woolly fur and their big, dark, googly eyes. By nature, they are considered curious, rather reserved animals. They like to go to neighboring meadows with a halter and leash to eat, but willingly and very attentively follow their humans on walks.
Over coffee and cake you can experience the alpacas and learn interesting facts about the animals and the processing of the precious fleece.
After people and animals have “sniffed” each other, you can go for a walk, past meadows and the vineyards that are so typical of the Moselle region.
We meet at the alpacas pasture in Lieser on the Moselle. Please wear sturdy shoes and clothing suitable for the weather.
The paths are well paved so that the walk is suitable for all ages. Small children can be carried in the stroller.

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In addition to the popular activities of hiking and biking, our area offers a variety of other sporting activities. We will present these to you here shortly:

boule and minigolf

Fun for young and old !
The facility is located directly on the banks of the Moselle in Bernkastel-Kues, near Kues harbor


Enjoy one of the most beautiful river landscapes from a different perspective. Paddle along the romantic wine villages integrated into steep vineyards.


The Adventure Forest ropes course in Traben-Trabach offers great fun for the whole family.


Enjoy the peace and relax by the water.
Fishing permits are available from fishing leaseholder Josef Birnfeld in Lieser or at the tourist information in Bernkastel-Kues


Experience the unique landscape from different angles with an innovative means of movement.


In the surrounding area you will find various indoor and outdoor swimming pools, thermal and adventure swimming pools. In summer you can refresh yourself with a jump into the cool maars.


How about a little match again?
There are outdoor tennis courts in Lieser (at the sports field) and in Bernkastel-Kues.
There is also an indoor tennis court in Bernkastel-Kues.

Here are useful tips for on the go


Apps, i.e. mobile applications on your smartphone, enable you to search flexibly for hiking and cycling tours, interesting sights, information about cities and towns, timetable information and places to stop and overnight on the Moselle while you are on holiday. Here you will find a selection of tourist apps for the Moselle region.

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Interactive map

Here you can find out more on a interactive map

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