Thomas Haag from Weingut Schloss Lieser receives top award “Winemaker of the Year”!


READER | (red) Thomas Haag from the Schloss Lieser estate in Lieser can call himself “Winemaker of the year 2021”. At this year’s Falstaff Wine Trophy of the renowned wine magazine from Austria, a top-class jury voted in a secret ballot. In the online ceremony, editor-in-chief Ulrich Sautter and professional colleagues of the nominees paid tribute to the candidates’ merits. The title “Winemaker of the Year” goes to Thomas Haag from the Schloss Lieser estate on the Moselle.

Haag, who rebuilt the Schloss Lieser winery together with his wife Ute in 1997, is praised for his “unmistakable style”: “Haag relied on spontaneous fermentation long before it became modern again – Riesling has been produced with unbelievable diligence and a great sense of style ever since -Originals from the Middle Moselle, meanwhile also from top locations such as Piesporter Goldtröpfchen, Wehlener Sundial and Bernkasteler Doctor ”, they say. With the award of the title, Falstaff publisher Wolfgang M. Rosam hopes that “this is not only an important sign for the winners of the Falstaff Wine Trophy. It is the culmination of an eight-month standstill and the beginning of a return to normal. “

Source: Trierischer Volksfreund