Fiber optic – fast internet


In the past few days, many fellow citizens have received information and offers to set up a fiber optic connection for “fast Internet”. These offers are made by a company that opened up individual areas of the local community with fiber optics a few years ago. The current offer now concerns the creation of a house connection. The existing copper lines from the nodes already equipped with fiber optics to the respective residential building are exchanged for fiber optic cables or new distribution units are produced. This then offers the possibility of contractually receiving “faster Internet” with different bandwidths. For this purpose – to put it less technically – construction measures are necessary in the form that in certain distance sections from the node or distributor to the house connection and on the property itself, “holes” are dug and the fiber optic lines are laid underground and then connected. The creation of this house connection is offered by this company free of charge, initially for a limited period, if the corresponding commissioning is given and a contract is concluded.

This and another company can basically also imagine supplying all houses or residential units in the local community with fiber optic connections free of charge. It would not initially be necessary to conclude a contract with individual customers. The Telecommunications Act expressly allows free, private competition in such matters. The municipality therefore has no influence on the fact that only one or one or more specific companies may submit offers and establish connections.

The municipal administration is still in talks with both providers, with the aim of concluding a cooperation agreement, if necessary, and to achieve a holistic supply of the local community and thus an orderly process. Both providers have announced that the network will be operational by the end of the current year.

The establishment of such a house connection can be commissioned independently by the citizens at any time, regardless of such a cooperation agreement.

The municipal administration will keep you informed about the status quo and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.