The local community of Lieser has a new website:


The address has remained the same, but some changes have been made technically, visually and in terms of content. “Just have a look…!”

Technology, concept and design were developed and implemented by the web designer and photographer Ulrich Müller from Wittlich in close coordination and cooperation with a project team from the local community (Nina Mehn, Uwe Kalles, Markus Knop). The project team designed and updated the menu navigation, texts and content. As a result, not only could the costs for the community be significantly reduced, but the advantage for the future is that additions and changes to the homepage can be made permanently and promptly and content can be entered independently. The project team and the municipal administration have been trained as editors and will take on this task.

“We think – the result is definitely impressive!” Great picture impressions of our wonderful wine and cultural landscape as well as of the wine and holiday resort of Lieser, a wide range of information on overnight accommodation, offers “around the topic of wine”, activities, events, history and culture, a clear map with all the details worth knowing and seeing, many pages and content also in English and much more.

At the same time, the new website is to be used as a platform for exchanging messages and appointments for all citizens. You will always be informed very quickly and comprehensively or you can also contact us yourself! The Citizen Service page also contains many valuable links, tips and assistance with official matters. “Don’t look far – just click inside!”

The pages will serve as a good orientation for new fellow citizens and help them to find their way around quickly. Here, all citizens receive answers to questions of daily life, the infrastructure and thus certainly also many arguments why our hometown Lieser is so worth living in!

The technology is also so modern and flexible that the design adapts to all different end devices. In addition, the website is largely barrier-free. With easily understandable language, images with subtitles, technical features such as contrast, brightness and magnification functions, all users with different restrictions are given access and handling is made easier.

Do you like the new pages? Do you miss any content? Then give us feedback! We are happy to receive criticism, suggestions or information by email to

Help us to further develop and improve our new website and thus the service for the local community. Many Thanks!

Special thanks are due to Mr. Bernd Büscher, who has designed and maintained the website of the local community for many years. Dear Bernd, for that a “huge” thank you!