Information about the May Festival at St. Paul’s Church



This year, following the merger of the parishes and the dissolution of our parish of St. Peter, the Friends of St. Paul’s Church will continue the tradition of the former parish festival at St. Paul’s Church on May 1st as the May Festival.
The parish festival will now become the May festival, but everything else will remain the same.
We will celebrate the first festive high mass in May at 10:30 am. After the High Mass, our May Festival will begin on the square behind the church. At 4 pm there will be a May devotion.
From 2 p.m., the Lieser nursery will be organizing a children’s program in front of the church. It is intended that the Paulsbruder will also be on site again and offer a guided tour of St. Paul’s Church. In addition, the painting by Dutch artist Henri Hess will probably be sold to the highest bidder, provided it is still available. The minimum bid is €500. The proceeds will also go to St. Paul’s Church. The picture is currently hanging in the tourist information office.
The physical well-being is also fully catered for.
However, we also need your help again so that we can organize the festival. On the weekend from April 19 to April 21, we will start a house collection campaign. We are happy about every donation. If you can spare coffee or wine, this is just as welcome as a monetary donation. You can support us with services, set-up and dismantling help or bake a cake.
There are many ways to support us.
All donations and the proceeds from the May Festival go directly to our St. Paul’s Church. This is the only way we can maintain our flagship, which is part of our identity. Through personal conversations, we know how important St. Paul’s Church is for us and the region.
Many weddings have been celebrated there, the candlelit masses, be it the St. Nicholas mass or the mass on Christmas Day, are legendary and known beyond the borders of our home village. Most recently, we also celebrated a liturgy of the word there for Thanksgiving and more activities are planned. It is also a popular hiking destination and you can pause for a while there. Many associations from Lieser identify with the Paulsbruder.
Let’s preserve and keep this. Together we can ensure that we can continue to spend many happy hours in and around St. Paul’s Church. For this reason, the Friends of St. Paul’s Church Lieser would like to thank you in advance for your help and willingness to donate!