German fiber optics brings gigabit speeds to Lieser


A few years ago, inexio took a first step towards upgrading the telecommunications infrastructure. The current situation with home office and homeschooling has also shown that in the future there will be no way around pure fiber optic connections.

Inexio and Deutsche Glasfaser have been forming a joint group of companies since summer 2020. The declared goal of the two telecommunications professionals: To further accelerate the gigabit expansion in Germany through self-economic expansion, enable people to switch to gigabit connections.

This now also applies to Lieser. Deutsche Glasfaser is currently planning to lay the fiber-optic cables right into the buildings. This means that customers have bandwidths of 1 Gbit / s at their disposal. Traffic jams on the information superhighway will definitely be a thing of the past.

Preparations for the expansion are currently underway. It will start soon. In good time before the start, Deutsche Glasfaser will contact the homeowners and explain the exact procedure.

Press release: Deutsche Glasfaser