Deutsche Glasfaser manufactures main distributors in Lieser


July 19, 2021, Lieser. On July 16, 2021 at 8 a.m. in Weidenbornstrasse, Deutsche Glasfaser set up the main distributor for the future fiber-optic network in Lieser. All fiber optic connections come together in the so-called “POP” (Point of Presence). It forwards incoming and outgoing data traffic and connects the local network with the rest of the world – an Internet connection at the speed of light.

The 2nd councilor of the community Katja Klassen, Marco Rößler and Klaus Loch (members of the community council) were present to set up the POP. The municipality decided to expand with Deutsche Glasfaser because Deutsche Glasfaser enables a nationwide, private-sector expansion with fiber to every residential unit.

During the fiber optic expansion work, there may be obstacles in road traffic due to the construction site, which unfortunately cannot be prevented. The citizens of Lieser are asked to understand this.