Lieser is getting “fit for the future” – working groups meet again!


After the successful kick-off event in February 2020 and a joint meeting of the working groups in March 2020, a total of 35 citizens in three working groups got to work confidently and optimistically and began an inventory of the structural issues of the Lieser community. This very committed activity was suddenly interrupted by the corona pandemic and “put on hold” for many months.

The district administration has now released the project and work can be continued. All participants in the working groups are called upon to motivate themselves again and to continue the work and discussion that is very important for the future of the village!

A first meeting of those responsible has already taken place to coordinate the status quo and the further procedure. The goal has been set to complete the survey by the end of August. As soon as the results of the inventory are fully available, a meeting of all working groups in a joint plenum with the participation of the project management of the district administration (Mario Boiselle-Hempel) is planned for September / October. The aim of this meeting is the final agreement that the data collected reflect the status quo of Lieser and that no relevant information has been forgotten. In addition, initial objectives regarding the development of the community can be discussed or there can be an exchange about possible measures.

Here again the working groups formed with the respective heads:

Working group I – Economy and Tourism: Petra Schewe
Working group II – village life: Katja Klassen
Working group III – Housing and Transport: Stefan Koch, Horst Michels

Are you interested in participating in the project work? Do you have any questions, hints or suggestions? Then please contact the coordinator and carer responsible for the overall project, Markus Knop ( or the local community (