News – Parking concept and fiber optic expansion


parking concept
As part of the preparatory work for the new parking zone regulation in the town centre, the public order office made markings on the road in Paulsstrasse and Hochstrasse. These caused irritation among some residents, as they assumed that parking bays would definitely be marked at these points. However, these were only the positions that would have been legally possible.
During an inspection by the responsible council committee, however, a majority decided against such a regulation. No bays will be drawn in the roadway area. Measures to regulate speed are still being discussed.
When the regulation comes into force (July 1st), parking will only be possible in the designated zones (previously municipal parking spaces).
The square below the gym will also be redesigned and the parking spaces will be laid out differently.

fiber optic expansion
The fiber optic rollout in the community is entering its final stages.
In addition to the closure of the roadway areas that are still open, the outstanding house connections will also be laid in the next few weeks. However, the executing company only guaranteed a timely connection for households that had signed a contract as part of demand bundling (until March 31, 2021).
The municipal administration is still trying to ensure that all other contractors are also involved in the execution of this work step.
The construction company responsible for the asphalt work that was still to be done gave the following data. However, compliance is always dependent on the weather.
The residents will be informed by the construction company about the period of work by means of a slip, and the areas will be cordoned off accordingly. It is urgently advised to comply with these and not to drive on the underground before the closure is lifted.

Street Number Date
Kirchstr. 2-16 5.05-6.05
Paulsstr. 34-4 6.05-10.05
Am Markt 32-39 10.05
Zum Niederberg 37-17 10.05-12.05
Bäarlay/Am Markt/Zum Niederberg Sperrungsplan* 13.05-17.05
Am Alten Posthof Alles 17.05-18.05
Am Markt 50-60 19.05
Am Markt 2-14 20.05