“The most beautiful view of the wine” in a new guise


Thanks to the voluntary help of several contributors, the fence at the “Heldensicht” under the Hambuchhütte could be renewed at the end of May.
Due to the increased number of visitors, the old picket fence no longer met the requirements for fall protection and broken elements often had to be replaced.
With the current fence, the square has been significantly improved both functionally and visually.
The thanks of the municipal administration go to the helpers during the construction (Paulsbrüder e.V.), the donors of donations as well as the festival community of “Lieser lifts off”, which donated the proceeds of the wine hikes to the municipality.
The mayor thanked Mr. Christian Büscher very warmly, who did all the necessary planning and procurement of materials and created the foundation of the 25 m long fence.

The photo shows the construction workers in front of the newly erected fence