“Lieser joins in” -Small playing field


Now it can start…! We need your help… Every donation counts!

You can use the link below to donate to the small playing field that is to be built next to the playground on the Bolzwiese. A large part of the costs incurred have already been covered by various funding programs. The local municipality of Lieser also contributes to the costs.
With the crowdfunding project of the VVR Bank we want to raise the remaining financing. At least 500 donors of EUR 5 each are required to reach the maximum funding amount of EUR 5,000 from VVR Bank. A valid e-mail address must be given when making the transfer. However, this can only be used once.
The donation amount can also be higher. Only the subsidy of the VVR Bank is capped. For larger donations, please contact the project starter.

The project starters Jochen Kiesgen, Markus Knop and Katja Klassen would like to thank you very much!

Click here: Small playing field