Member of the Bundestag Dr. Marlon Bröhr visited Lieser


On 30 August, Dr Marlon Bröhr, Member of the Bundestag, and Karina Wächter, Member of the Landtag for our constituency (both CDU), visited the local community of Lieser. They were received and accompanied by the mayor of Lieser, Jochen Kiesgen, and by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Joachim Sartor, member of the project group for heavy rainfall prevention in the municipality.

Dr Marlon Bröhr is a member of the Petitions Committee and the Defence Committee, Karina Wächter of the Budget and Finance Committee and the Petitions Committee. She is also a member of the State Audit Commission. During their visit, the MPs were primarily interested in the concerns of the community. Prof. Dr. Sartor also gave them an insight into the local heavy rain concept.
After getting to know each other and exchanging views in the conference room, they walked together via the “Alter Posthof” and the dam to Lieser Castle. There, the visit ended with a glass of Lieser wine.