New LED interior lights save energy



Westenergie supports municipality in modernization of technology

The local municipality of Lieser continues to drive forward climate protection on its own doorstep. Together with Westenergie, the municipality has modernised the interior lighting in the meeting hall in an energy-efficient way. Modern new LED panels now provide a contemporary and environmentally friendly look in the facility. Local mayor Jochen Kiesgen and Marco Felten from Westenergie were able to get an impression of the modern lighting technology on site.

The lighting in the corridors, the kitchen, the Sanitary facilities and the club rooms in the club centre were also converted to the now modern and energy-saving LED technology.

Westenergie is assuming the costs for the conversion of the lighting and is thus supporting the Lieser community in saving energy. “With the new, longer-lasting LED technology, we are not only relieving the burden on the municipality’s budget, but also protecting the environment. This is another contribution of the municipality to climate protection,” noted local mayor Kiesgen.

Through the conversion, the municipality expects to be able to operate the lighting in the meeting hall and the club centre with significantly less energy in the future compared to the lights that were removed. This will significantly reduce electricity costs.

Photo (from left): Local mayor Jochen Kiesgen and Marco Felten (Westenergie) inspect the new LED interior lighting in the meeting room of the Lieser municipality. (Photo: David Kryszons/Westenergie.