“hardworking pensioners” whip up the benches in the kindergarten


Once again on a voluntary basis for the community, the affectionately known “pensioners band” of the local community Lieser was on the road. The team around Alois Michels had taken on the outdoor benches in the kindergarten, which naturally suffered from the weather.

All parts were cleaned, sanded and first of all painted. The climbing house was also cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner and, after drying, also painted once. Eight days later, all parts were sanded again and painted a second time. After everything was dry, they were brought back to their location and screwed together.

The children’s benches and tables “found” in an adjoining room were also treated like the large benches and now shine in new splendor! All those involved hope that the staff and, above all, the children will enjoy the renewal.

The following took part in the campaign:

Alois Michels, Erwin Schröder, Paul Knop, Hermann Offer, Peter Meurer, Herbert Mehn, Klaus Heil