Pilgrimage of the Lieser communion children to Klausen


The communion children from Lieser set off on their pilgrimage to Klausen on 09.03.2024 in beautiful weather. More and more communion children and their parents joined us at the two entry points. Father Albert came to meet us with his goats. The communion children were able to admire his small zoo and experience the animals up close. The goats, chickens and ducks brought the children a lot of joy. Afterwards, there was a short, child-friendly talk on the book of Genesis and the creation of the world. Afterwards, we went into the church, where the children were able to light candles. Afterwards, they finally had a well-earned lunch at an Italian restaurant. The communion children from Lieser would like to thank Father Albert for this wonderful day!

Our communion children this year are:
Hanna Konrath, Greta Koch, Anton Genetsch, Jakob Kuhnen, Maximilian Ludwig, David Rößler, Henry Drenkelfuß, Isabella Kein, Kai Lerche and Luca Kassabedanken

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