Become a member – Frauengemeinschaft St. Petrus


The Women’s Community Lieser needs new members. In the last few years, there has been a decline
in membership and therefore the important activities of the women’s community are more and more
difficult to realise. Explicitly mentioned here is the organisation of the monthly mass for our senior citizens.
After the masses there is always a breakfast together. This is a nice and important
meeting for the seniors of our parish. The conversations and the togetherness create connection!

It would be a great pity if we could not continue this great activity.

What are our activities?

– Monthly mass for the seniors followed by breakfast together (in the club room)
– Monday meeting” on the 1st Monday of the month with coffee and cake (in the club room)
– Congratulations to those celebrating their birthdays
– Helping to organise the Women’s World Day of Prayer in March
– Prayer hour on the Day of Perpetual Prayer
– Decorating the altars for the Corpus Christi procession
– St. Martin’s meal in November, following Holy Mass
– Visits to the sick during Advent

In addition, the women’s community organises a summer festival or a Christmas bazaar with
coffee and cake sales – if possible every year.

The money raised is used to support various social charitable projects and institutions.
As a rule, the events take place in the club room of the gymnasium.

Trips and lectures round off the programme. In 2014, for example, the Völklingen Ironworks
was visited as part of the in 2015, the Trierischer Volksfreund was visited, including the editorial office
and the print shop. A highlight was the boat trip for senior citizens from Bernkastel-Kues and Lieser,
a joint project that was carried out for three years in a row from 2012-2014.
In the summer of 2018, the women’s community offered a boat trip to Neumagen-Dhron.
Of course, these activities are only possible if we have enough active members!

Then just come and visit us. The Women’s Community meets every 1st Monday of the month in the
club room of the gymnasium.
We look forward to seeing you !
You can also reach us at the following e-mail address:

Lieser Wine Queen in Berlin


Together with other wine sovereigns and local mayors of the region, I accepted the invitation of our Member of the Bundestag, Dr Marlon Bröhr, for a four-day educational trip to the German capital Berlin.
The first day in Berlin started with a city tour, which was oriented towards both historical and political aspects. In the following days, we visited various memorials such as the Berlin Wall, the Documentation Centre Nazi Forced Labour and the former Stasi remand prison.
After an exciting discussion with Marlon Bröhr in the Paul-Löbe-Haus, we were able to get an insight into his daily tasks as a member of the Bundestag. We were informed about the tasks and work of the parliament during a lecture while visiting the plenary hall. A highlight was definitely the visit to the dome of the Reichstag building at sunset!
Thank you very much for inviting us to this sociable and informative trip!
Your Lieser Wine Queen
Anna I.

Member of the Bundestag Dr. Marlon Bröhr visited Lieser


On 30 August, Dr Marlon Bröhr, Member of the Bundestag, and Karina Wächter, Member of the Landtag for our constituency (both CDU), visited the local community of Lieser. They were received and accompanied by the mayor of Lieser, Jochen Kiesgen, and by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Joachim Sartor, member of the project group for heavy rainfall prevention in the municipality.

Dr Marlon Bröhr is a member of the Petitions Committee and the Defence Committee, Karina Wächter of the Budget and Finance Committee and the Petitions Committee. She is also a member of the State Audit Commission. During their visit, the MPs were primarily interested in the concerns of the community. Prof. Dr. Sartor also gave them an insight into the local heavy rain concept.
After getting to know each other and exchanging views in the conference room, they walked together via the “Alter Posthof” and the dam to Lieser Castle. There, the visit ended with a glass of Lieser wine.

volunteer fire brigade lieser with new top management


At a ceremony in the Bernkastel-Kues municipal administration, Jesse Probst was appointed chief of the Lieser volunteer fire brigade and Kevin Pfeiffer was appointed his deputy. Philipp Quint takes over the post of youth warden from Jesse Probst. Oliver Griebler has been dismissed as deputy fire chief, but remains with the fire brigade as a comrade.

The mayor of the association municipality, Leo Wächter, presented the certificates, thanked the comrades for their commitment and wished them every success in their new tasks. The military leader of the association community, Thomas Edringer, and the first councilor of the local community Lieser, Markus Knop, joined the thanks and the wishes.

Heavy rain prevention project group “hands on itself”!


“Small measures with a big effect or just do it”, true to this motto, the project group for prevention of heavy rain organized a day of action. There is a rainwater retention basin above the Im Kirchberg road in the vineyards. This has been pretty much forgotten in recent years and has grown over with trees, bushes and hedges. In addition, it has largely lost its important function of holding back heavy precipitation. This point was recognized as a necessary measure from the inventory to improve the prevention of heavy rain and was included in the implementation concept. What exactly was to be done now? The throttling of the retention basin and thus the basic retention capacity of the basin had to be checked and restored. Extensive cleaning measures were initially necessary for this. Undergrowth was removed, access to the basin was made, the inlet cleared of vegetation and debris and fitted with a simple but effective log restrictor/overflow system. “Costs are close to zero, the amount of work is manageable but an “absolute plus” in terms of safety for the entire village population” is the conclusion. An example that could and should set a precedent…
By the way: In addition to the members of the project group, the 7-year-old (!) son of a member (Jakob Kuhnen) also helped diligently. Every help counts – all fellow citizens, whether young or old, can make a contribution to prevent flooding and heavy rain.

News – Parking concept and fiber optic expansion


parking concept
As part of the preparatory work for the new parking zone regulation in the town centre, the public order office made markings on the road in Paulsstrasse and Hochstrasse. These caused irritation among some residents, as they assumed that parking bays would definitely be marked at these points. However, these were only the positions that would have been legally possible.
During an inspection by the responsible council committee, however, a majority decided against such a regulation. No bays will be drawn in the roadway area. Measures to regulate speed are still being discussed.
When the regulation comes into force (July 1st), parking will only be possible in the designated zones (previously municipal parking spaces).
The square below the gym will also be redesigned and the parking spaces will be laid out differently.

fiber optic expansion
The fiber optic rollout in the community is entering its final stages.
In addition to the closure of the roadway areas that are still open, the outstanding house connections will also be laid in the next few weeks. However, the executing company only guaranteed a timely connection for households that had signed a contract as part of demand bundling (until March 31, 2021).
The municipal administration is still trying to ensure that all other contractors are also involved in the execution of this work step.
The construction company responsible for the asphalt work that was still to be done gave the following data. However, compliance is always dependent on the weather.
The residents will be informed by the construction company about the period of work by means of a slip, and the areas will be cordoned off accordingly. It is urgently advised to comply with these and not to drive on the underground before the closure is lifted.

Street Number Date
Kirchstr. 2-16 5.05-6.05
Paulsstr. 34-4 6.05-10.05
Am Markt 32-39 10.05
Zum Niederberg 37-17 10.05-12.05
Bäarlay/Am Markt/Zum Niederberg Sperrungsplan* 13.05-17.05
Am Alten Posthof Alles 17.05-18.05
Am Markt 50-60 19.05
Am Markt 2-14 20.05

flood and heavy rain prevention


Dear citizens,

not least due to the storm disaster last summer with devastating damage to the Ahr, in the Eifel and other regions, the ever-threatening danger due to heavy rain events has become even more present. We ourselves, as “mourned” residents of the Moselle, have often had to go through such bad experiences in the past. Due to our special topographical location, the risk of heavy rain and flooding threatens us in Lieser more or less “from all sides”.

It is all the more important to take precautions. Making provisions also means making provisions for oneself! The present concept from the Reishner engineering office offers us a good basis for this and lots of valuable information and suggestions that we can implement independently.

A project group has been set up to deal with the concept and the development and implementation of possible higher-level protective measures. Fortunately, interested citizens of the local community have reported and declared their willingness to work on this challenging project, which is designed for a longer period of time.

The project group includes: Markus Berg, Stefan Koch, Jens Kuhnen, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Joachim Sartor, Jochen Kiesgen (local mayor), Markus Knop (first deputy).

In the meantime, special pages on this topic have been set up on the homepage of the local municipality of Lieser under the heading HeimatOrt, with the heading Heavy rain prevention. The comprehensive concept with an explanatory report, photo documentation, maps, etc. are stored there. Here is the link to the pages:

A priority list drawn up by the project group with profiles of specific measures is also available on this website. These will be added successively. The project group will report continuously on this topic on the homepage and also in the newsletter.

Finally, our appeal once again: Heavy rain precautions concern us all! We can all make a contribution to protecting our belongings, life and health. Such a contribution begins with the permanent cleanliness of the vineyard and farm roads, roads, gullies, drains, etc. – Therefore: “Let’s tackle it together!”

Questions and suggestions on the subject can be sent to the project group via the e-mail address of the municipality (

Thanks very much!

Your municipal administration and project group heavy rain

New Year greeting


Dear fellow citizens of Lieser,

the year 2021 was again a moving one, with many ups and downs. The corona pandemic in particular had a major impact on public life at the beginning of the year.
While the first relief in this regard was possible in summer, nature on the Ahr showed its dark side. The willingness to help our region also gives the residents hope that things will look up again in 2022.
In the autumn, Lieser had the opportunity to show himself from his best side again as part of his “Lieser takes off” festival. Numerous wineries and businesses catered for the guests in the usual quality and provided an interesting supporting program.
After that, the corona pandemic came to the fore again and posed great challenges for many fellow citizens, especially at work, but also in their private lives, and often led us to the physical and psychological limits.
I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to ensuring that we as a society and also as a local community have steered our ship well through these stormy times. At the community level, I would like to thank all of our employees in the building yard and Ruheforst, Ms. Gilgenberg from the community office and our reliable cleaner Ms. Pfeiffer.
Special thanks also go to our pensioner group, which, as in previous years, took on a lot of voluntary work in the manual sector.
I would also like to thank the ladies and gentlemen of the municipal council, especially the two councilors Markus Knop and Katja Klassen, who were a great help and always supported me.
Let’s look optimistically into the new year 2022 together. We have big plans and want to continue the projects that have already started, and in some cases also to complete them. A look at the preliminary draft budget shows that we want to invest again. The existing good infrastructure with the various properties must be kept in good condition in order to avoid a future investment backlog.

Finally, I wish you and your families a lot of optimism for a happy new year 2022
Jochen Kiesgen

News of the week


Advertising platform homepage

On the new homepage of the local community, companies still have the opportunity to advertise their company cost-effectively and effectively. In the important area of online bookings and sales, there is a platform here that is directly related to the local community.
When applying for a branch of business (e.g. winery), there is an annual processing and usage fee of € 30, if you are present twice (e.g. winery + accommodation) an annual fee of € 50.
If you are interested, please send an email to

Grave blessing in the cemetery and the quiet forest

On All Saints’ Day, following the high mass in the parish church of St. Petrus, the grave blessings take place in the new cemetery and in the rest forest.
9.30 a.m .: Festivities
10:45 am: Grave blessing in the cemetery
11:30 a.m .: Grave blessing for the rest of the forest

Deutsche Glasfaser manufactures main distributors in Lieser


July 19, 2021, Lieser. On July 16, 2021 at 8 a.m. in Weidenbornstrasse, Deutsche Glasfaser set up the main distributor for the future fiber-optic network in Lieser. All fiber optic connections come together in the so-called “POP” (Point of Presence). It forwards incoming and outgoing data traffic and connects the local network with the rest of the world – an Internet connection at the speed of light.

The 2nd councilor of the community Katja Klassen, Marco Rößler and Klaus Loch (members of the community council) were present to set up the POP. The municipality decided to expand with Deutsche Glasfaser because Deutsche Glasfaser enables a nationwide, private-sector expansion with fiber to every residential unit.

During the fiber optic expansion work, there may be obstacles in road traffic due to the construction site, which unfortunately cannot be prevented. The citizens of Lieser are asked to understand this.