New Year greeting

Dear fellow citizens of Lieser,

the year 2021 was again a moving one, with many ups and downs. The corona pandemic in particular had a major impact on public life at the beginning of the year.
While the first relief in this regard was possible in summer, nature on the Ahr showed its dark side. The willingness to help our region also gives the residents hope that things will look up again in 2022.
In the autumn, Lieser had the opportunity to show himself from his best side again as part of his “Lieser takes off” festival. Numerous wineries and businesses catered for the guests in the usual quality and provided an interesting supporting program.
After that, the corona pandemic came to the fore again and posed great challenges for many fellow citizens, especially at work, but also in their private lives, and often led us to the physical and psychological limits.
I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to ensuring that we as a society and also as a local community have steered our ship well through these stormy times. At the community level, I would like to thank all of our employees in the building yard and Ruheforst, Ms. Gilgenberg from the community office and our reliable cleaner Ms. Pfeiffer.
Special thanks also go to our pensioner group, which, as in previous years, took on a lot of voluntary work in the manual sector.
I would also like to thank the ladies and gentlemen of the municipal council, especially the two councilors Markus Knop and Katja Klassen, who were a great help and always supported me.
Let’s look optimistically into the new year 2022 together. We have big plans and want to continue the projects that have already started, and in some cases also to complete them. A look at the preliminary draft budget shows that we want to invest again. The existing good infrastructure with the various properties must be kept in good condition in order to avoid a future investment backlog.

Finally, I wish you and your families a lot of optimism for a happy new year 2022
Jochen Kiesgen

News of the week

Advertising platform homepage

On the new homepage of the local community, companies still have the opportunity to advertise their company cost-effectively and effectively. In the important area of online bookings and sales, there is a platform here that is directly related to the local community.
When applying for a branch of business (e.g. winery), there is an annual processing and usage fee of € 30, if you are present twice (e.g. winery + accommodation) an annual fee of € 50.
If you are interested, please send an email to

Grave blessing in the cemetery and the quiet forest

On All Saints’ Day, following the high mass in the parish church of St. Petrus, the grave blessings take place in the new cemetery and in the rest forest.
9.30 a.m .: Festivities
10:45 am: Grave blessing in the cemetery
11:30 a.m .: Grave blessing for the rest of the forest

Deutsche Glasfaser manufactures main distributors in Lieser

July 19, 2021, Lieser. On July 16, 2021 at 8 a.m. in Weidenbornstrasse, Deutsche Glasfaser set up the main distributor for the future fiber-optic network in Lieser. All fiber optic connections come together in the so-called “POP” (Point of Presence). It forwards incoming and outgoing data traffic and connects the local network with the rest of the world – an Internet connection at the speed of light.

The 2nd councilor of the community Katja Klassen, Marco Rößler and Klaus Loch (members of the community council) were present to set up the POP. The municipality decided to expand with Deutsche Glasfaser because Deutsche Glasfaser enables a nationwide, private-sector expansion with fiber to every residential unit.

During the fiber optic expansion work, there may be obstacles in road traffic due to the construction site, which unfortunately cannot be prevented. The citizens of Lieser are asked to understand this.

Tender flea and antique market

The local community of Lieser grants permission to hold a flea and antique market. A demand-oriented area on the banks of the Moselle is made available for this purpose. The term of the approval extends to the current calendar year with the option of an extension at the same conditions and prices for a further year (2022).

The days of the event are limited to Friday, Saturday and / or Sunday. Up to three events per year between 01.03. and 31.10. occur. The exact dates are to be agreed with the municipality of Lieser. The construction on the site may take place from 6:00 a.m. on market day, the dismantling must be done by 7:30 p.m.

The licensee undertakes to ensure a balanced supply of permitted goods and to avoid an oversupply of individual goods. The offering of new goods is not permitted.

We ask that you send your application by April 8th, 2021 at the latest. Include an implementation concept, your references and a bid for the rent. The basis for the decision to award the contract will be the aforementioned points in equal parts. Please also submit a business registration or a valid travel business card to prove your suitability.

Information is provided by: Municipal administration Lieser – Mayor –

Email: Tel .: 0151 – 569 77 408

Applications must be submitted in writing (municipal administration, Schubertstr. 5, 54470 Lieser) or in electronic form with all attachments.